What Our Customers Say

CS: “I started to take Quinton about 4 months ago. In the beginning, I could not feel any difference in my body. Today, I have more energy during the day, better bowel movements and less water retention. Overall I feel a lot better than four months ago. It is amazing what the different combination of intake of the Quinton can do for my health.”

RB: “I especially noticed the effects of the Hypertonic when I went away. I was just taking the Isotonic. Then I decided to take the Hypertonic and I noticed how much more energy I had once I started taking it. I was literally on the couch flat out the whole week until I took the Hypertonic. Since I have been taking the Quinton Hypertonic I feel more awake. It seems to enliven me. Having more energy sure helps especially when you have a child and husband to care for.”

Brigid: “I started feeling much better within a couple of days of taking Quinton. I felt much more energetic, and I feel that I’ve been detoxing ever since from all the medications that I had been taking. Unlike synthetic products, Quinton naturally supports my cells with all the minerals they need so I have total control over my health.” Read more >>>

RM: “When I first tried taking Quinton I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I regarded myself as generally very fit and healthy. I wasn’t really expecting to feel very much different and I can’t say that I noticed much change. However, what really blew me away was the extra focus and concentration Quinton gave me I suddenly found I had… I didn’t get distracted. An amazing difference in a way that was totally unexpected..”

B: “I love this product and I hate being without it. My nails are stronger, my hair grows nice and fast and I sleep better/feel less fatigue during the day.

ND: “This is a great product. I also use the Isotonic at night. I haven’t caught any of the nasty bugs that have been circulating over this winter. It really feels like it has helped my body resist all of them.”

K: “I took Quinton Hypertonic for three months and I am really pleased with the energy that it gave me.”

SA: “I swear by these. Two first thing in the morning, energy increases without a doubt. My body feels like it’s running at 100%”

MS: “Have been using this for about a year it definitely helps hair growth, love it.”

Lloyds Pharmacy Customer, Blanchardstown: “I have reduced my paracetamol intake on Hypertonic and feel great, I don’t feel like I need my paracetamol anymore.”

Lloyds Pharmacy Customer, Stillorgan: “I work night shifts, the Hypertonic gives me more energy and also helps me sleep better”

Lloyds Pharmacy Customer, Blanchardstown: “I’m a nurse and I use the Isotonic, I will be recommending it to all of my nursing colleagues”

Lloyds Pharmacy Customer, Stillorgan: “I came off all my other supplements and now I just take hypertonic after a run every day and I feel great.”