The History of René Quinton

A life-saving discovery

“For more than 100 years Doctors and clinicians all over the world have used and prescribed Quinton to help their patients overcome and prevent illness and to promote optimum well-being.”

Quinton is named after the pioneering French physiologist and biologist René Quinton, who more than 100 years ago discovered the similarities between the composition of human blood plasma and oceanic water.

René Quinton had worked at the Laboratoire de Pathologie Physiologique in the Collège de France. He studied comparative temperatures and salt concentrations between different species and demonstrated in his Law of Marine Constancy that in order for an evolving organism to successfully leave the ocean, it had to take this life-supporting solution with it and that our internal body terrain today has evolved from the sea.

“We are truly a living marine aquarium in which some billion cells are swimming,” René Quinton said.
René Quinton’s research led him to identify the plankton bloom vortex in the ocean where microscopic phytoplankton release a nutrient-rich mix of bioactive minerals, amino acids, nucleic acid, antioxidants, polysaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids into the water.

He called this fluid “marine plasma”. It came to be known as Quinton.

Today Cellnutrition Quinton continues to be harvested from the same pristine plankton bloom in the same part of the Atlantic Ocean where René Quinton sourced his marine plasma. It still contains 78 minerals and trace elements in perfect proportions and in a fully bioavailable form for your body. It is still 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% safe – just as effective as when René Quinton first discovered and utilised it.

Quinton’s babies

René Quinton operated on the principle that the internal environment of the body determines its overall health status. He believed that if your cells had the right balance of sufficient nutrients then the immune system would be strong enough to resist illness and fight infection.

René Quinton’s first Marine Dispensary opened in Paris in 1907. Hundreds of mothers brought their babies to the clinic for treatment at a time when malnutrition, infant cholera and gastro-intestinal infections killed thousands. Soon, more than 9,000 injections were administered every month as some of the most virulent diseases of the time in France were eradicated.

He recognised that Quinton does not fight or cure any disease or illness but instead supports the entire internal environment of the body. This holistic approach still holds true today. Nourish your cells with the minerals they require, and they can achieve optimum health and boost your immune system, giving your body the power to heal, protect and restore itself.

René Quinton’s marine plasma was used to remarkable effect to support cellular health to enable the body to recover from:

  • Malnutrition
  • Gastro-intestinal infections
  • Infant cholera
  • Fertility problems
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Word of Quinton’s incredible results using his marine plasma spread. By 1910, some 70 Marine Dispensaries had opened in France. A UK clinic dispensing Quinton marine plasma was established in London, as well as clinics in Boston and Germany.

In 1921, René Quinton and his chief physician, Dr Jean Jarricot, published ‘Le Dispensaire Marin’ – a 600 page clinical report on using Quinton Isotonic in paediatric work.

René Quinton died in 1925 as a result of wounds sustained in action during World War II. In recognition of his work, he was awarded a State funeral in Paris. An estimated one million people, including dignitaries from around the world, attended and paid tribute to a remarkable scientist who was also a war hero, a philosopher and an aviation pioneer.

Modern Quinton

In the decades following his death, René Quinton’s holistic approach to health and prevention of disease gradually declined as pharmaceutical medicines, based more on Pasteur’s Germ Theory, gained popularity within the Medical Schools and Doctors’ surgeries.

In 1982, changes in EU pharmaceutical regulations led to being Quinton was phased out as an injectable medicine. It re-emerged as a nutritional supplement in drinkable form. In 1996, Laboratoires Quinton, based in Alicante, Spain, acquired the legal patents and rights to produce Cellnutrition Quinton products.

Today, increasing antibiotic resistance to modern drugs and the undesirable side effects that they have on people have heralded a welcome renaissance in preventative medicine. Leading health professionals agree that we should be preventing illness, not treating it, while advances in microbiology have demonstrated the important role that cellular health plays in our wellbeing.

Amidst this progressive climate, Quinton is regaining recognition as an important nutritional supplement to maintain cellular health to support your body in its fight to resist illness and disease for a healthy life, full of vitality.