Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic Ampoules

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Quinton Isotonic is a gentle solution. It almost mirrors the body’s internal ocean, helping to rebalance and repair the cells to stimulate the immune system and boost the body’s defences against infections. This is suitable for everyone of all ages including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Quinton Isotonic is safe for anyone who has any underlying health issues. It can be taken alongside medication, is 100% safe and poses no risk of side effects.

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Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic is natural, mineral-rich sea water harvested from a pristine plankton bloom in an internationally protected part of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is cold-filtered and diluted with carefully chosen spring water so that it matches the concentration of elements within your blood and extracellular fluid, and maintains the optimum pH level for your body.

It is the world’s only natural nutritional supplement proven to give your cells the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and micronutrients they require in a naturally balanced, bioavailable form.

Taking Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic can assist in the gentle detoxification, and restoration of key minerals and trace elements in our bodies. Quinton Isotonic can be taken by everyone from birth right though to old age.

Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic is ideal for long term use and should be part of your daily health routine. Supplied in a box of 30 x 10ml drinkable vials.


  • Mineral Rich Sea Water 29% and Spring Water 71%
  • No Preservatives
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Sugars
  • Keep glass ampoules  out of reach of young children
  • To be used as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle
  • Maximum daily intake: 6 ampoules.
  • Do not exceed recommended dietary allowance -RDA-



Aluminium Al 20.33 ppb Antimony Sb 0.05 ppb Arsenic As 8.23 ppb
Sulfur S 310.66 ppm Barium Ba 1.46 ppb Beryllium Be ND
Bismuth Bi ND Boron B 2 ppm Bromine Br 23.66 ppm
Cadmium Cd 0.106 ppb Calcium Ca 134 ppm Cerium Ce ND
Cesium Cs 0.109 ppb Zirconium Zr 0.146 ppb Cobalt Co 0.466 ppb
Copper Cu 1.03 ppb Chromium Cr 1.033 ppb Dysprosium Dy 0.0033 ppb
Erbium Er ND Scandium Sc ND Tin Sn 0.6 ppb
Strontium Sr 0.133 ppm Europium Eu ND Phosphorus P 1.633 ppb
Gadolinium Gd ND Gallium Ga 0.133 ppb Germanium Ge 2.53 ppb
Hafnium Hf 0.023 ppb Iron Fe 12.26 ppb Holmium Ho ND
Indium In ND Iridium Ir ND Lanthanum La 0.0076 ppb
Lithium Li 62 ppb Lutetium Lu ND Magnesium Mg 442.33 ppm
Manganese Mn 33.66 ppb Mercury Hg ND Molybdenum Mo 5.33 ppb
Neodymium Nd ND Niobium Nb 0.0233 ppb Nickel Ni 17.76 ppb
Gold Au ND Osmium Os 0.053 ppb Palladium Pd 4.33 ppb
Silver Ag* 0.436 ppb Platinum Pt* ND Lead Pb 0.2566 ppb
Potassium K 130.66 ppm Praseodymium Pr ND Rhenium Re ND
Rhodium Rh 0.266 ppb Rubidium Rb 38.33 ppb Ruthenium Ru ND
Samarium Sm ND Selenium Se 0.533 ppb Silicon Si 3.333 ppm
Sodium Na 1347.33 ppm Thallium Tl 0.00566 ppb Tantalum Ta 0.0133 ppb
Tellurium Te ND Terbium Tb ND Titanium Ti* 5.666 ppb
Thorium Th ND Thulium Tm ND Uranium U 1 ppb
Vanadium V 9.66 ppb Tungsten W 0.12 ppb Iodine I 7.66 ppb
Ytterbium Yb ND
Yttrium Y 0.033 ppb
Zinc Zn 7.233 ppb

PPB = Parts per billion

PPM = Parts per million

ND = element present, but impossible to establish exact amount as quantities are so small.