Lifestyle tips to boost your metabolism

The speed of your metabolism depends on a range of factors including gender, age, body composition and genetics.

Although there are certain lifestyle choices you can make to help with our calorific intake and output!

-Exercise regularly

You may think you have a low metabolism, but by increasing your levels of exercise this will help burn more calories!  Exercising for 20 minutes, 5 days a week can help increase your metabolic rate along with improving your muscle mass. As muscle is more metabolically active to fat this will help increase your metabolism. If you exercise regularly you will still continue to burn extra calories, even after exercising!

-Add protein to each meal

What you eat contributes to your metabolism, so there are ways to speed it up. After we consume food the breakdown of this process is known as the thermic effect of food. Eating food that contain high protein requires more calories to break down as it is a macronutrient, opposed to carbohydrate and fat.

Protein aids with satiety and has a slow energy release in comparison to refined, processed foods that can cause spikes in energy. This will help stabilise blood sugar and reduce cravings.

-Sleep well

If you have bad sleeping habits often you will have poor eating habits too. This is because when we sleep our body relaxes and carries out various processes. If we don’t have adequate sleep, this can disrupt the natural functioning of the body and lead to an increase in a hunger hormone called Ghrelin. As a result the following day, you could opt for more foods to boost your energy and the cycle is repeated.