Last minute Christmas gifts for the health conscious

Finding a last minute box of chocolates or bottle of wine is always an easy present to purchase. But when it comes to last minute presents for the health conscious it you may be left pondering.

Here are some of our suggestions that we are sure your health conscious friends would love!

Cellnutrition Quinton: An 100% natural, complete mineral supplement, promoting cellular nutrition and enhancing overall health. This is a unique product that has numerous health benefits, a boost of energy and aids the immune system. Anyone who is health conscious will fall in love with this product and thank you for introducing it to them.

Cacao Powder: This is a sugar, dairy and gluten free powder packed with a range of nutrients. It can be enjoyed on a cold night mixed with nut milk for the perfect treat!

Coconut Oil: This might sound like a boring present but coconut oil can be expensive especially if you buy it regularly. Many health conscious people use coconut oil for cooking/ baking etc making it a present that will definitely not go to waste.

Water Bottle: Health conscious people tend to be physically active and often spend a lot of time out doors. Keeping hydrated is crucial to health and a pretty water bottle is sure to be loved and appreciated. There are even water bottles you can attach to backpacks for those that don’t want to have to carry their water bottle whilst hiking up a mountain.

Yoga Mat: If your friend is a yoga, a new, colourful yoga mat could make her Christmas! You could even throw in a yoga towel if your friend is a fan of bikram!

Blenders/ Food Processors: Although a lot of health conscious people already have blenders, a new blender or better version of a blender can be the perfect gift. These can be used for making soups, smoothies, healthy salad dressings and much more.

Sports Massage Voucher: A sports massage is the perfect gift for those who are physically active. This will reduce muscle tension and help relieve cramps leaving you feeling revived and ready to get back into your fitness routine.