How to Hydrate your Skin in Summer


The summer is here, it’s hot outside and we are thoroughly enjoying it, although your skin may not be if you don’t take care of it correctly!

Summer brings us so much joy, finally feeling those hot rays and dusting off the BBQ’s. Although, with this great gift also comes some harmful abusers to our skin. It’s important that you protect your skin, and help to ensure hydration both inside and out.

Here are our top tips to keep you looking and feeling great!

A healthy outside starts with the inside

Water is essential. Keeping your body hydrated keeps the skin hydrated. During the summer your body loses more water due to sweat. Therefore you may look to increase your water intake during the summer months.

Quinton Hypertonic helps to replace your lost minerals and hydrate your body at a cellular level. As a natural supplement, that contains zero calories you are helping your body thrive in the perfect environment, providing you with an energising boost to help combat your sunshine fatigue.

Wear your sunscreen

Sun cream is the ultimate essential during the hot weather to protect your skin and prevent over exposure. Applying your sun cream several times a day is essential if you have been in contact with water or sweat.


Natural supplements are the way forward in our now health conscious world. It is important to take supplements that contain selenium, zinc, vitamin C and E. Along with helping to shield your skin from the UV rays, they help the skin cells to retain more moisture and elasticity.

Quinton products provide you with 78 minerals and trace elements that work in harmony together to care for your skin and your cells. Quinton works from the inside to make sure your inner beauty shines through. The minerals and trace elements that are contained in Quinton are needed alongside water to maintain hydration in the skin. This helps to maintain the health of the skin cells, making it glow from the inside out. The Skin Nerd describes Quinton Isotonic as the skin cell saviour.

Healthy Balanced Diet

Your diet contributes to healthy skin as it provides your body with the vital nutrients that it needs for optimum health. It’s important to indulge on an array of colours from a diverse range of  fruit and vegetables. These provide phytonutrients and beneficial vitamins and minerals that aid the health of the skin. Omega 3’s are a type of fat, best found in oily fish such as mackerel and salmon. Omega 3 is beneficial to the skin and gives it that glow.