Father’s Day Gift for a Health Conscious Dad

June has just begun, the sun is making more of an appearance, and Fathers Day is just around the corner. The only problem you have is what to get your dad that he won’t already have. Read on to see how to pick the perfect father’s day gift.
Picking the perfect Father’s Day gift

When it comes to picking dad a present, it can be difficult to decide what he wants or even needs. Often a ‘dad present’ will consist of a pair of socks, a bottle of whisky or a box of chocolates. That you then eat! So why not take him by surprise this year? Show him you really care by treating him to our unique father’s day gift from our Quinton mineral supplement range.

Father’s Day gift with a difference

Sometimes a man’s health and well-being can be overlooked, but no matter what age they are, they still need the same love and attention as anyone else.

Quinton is a 100% natural mineral supplement harvested from rich plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean. It contains 78 minerals and trace elements in a proportion which almost exactly mirrors the body’s internal fluids.

Which gift is best?

Quinton comes in two forms: Quinton Hypertonic and Quinton Isotonic. Quinton Hypertonic helps increase physical and mental energy, making it a perfect gift for ‘the physically active dad’, ‘the stressful job dad’, or ‘the wife’s put them on a diet dad’.

Quinton Isotonic on the other hand, is a gentle solution making it the perfect gift for ‘the grandad’ or ‘the run-down dad’.

So, ditch the generic ‘dad present’ and get him something which he will really thank you for later! Both Quinton Hypertonic and Quinton Isotonic can be purchased online here.