A Day in the Life of a Nutritionist

pexels-photo-179912Why I wake up psyched everyday:

Having grown up with a “foodie” family, cooking with home-grown vegetables and experimenting in the kitchen has always been something I have loved from a young age.

My passion and love for food became something close to my heart when I started to notice how nourishing my own body with the right nutrients and treating it with love had such a positive impact on my health and life. As a result, sharing healthy eating tips and recipes and explaining the benefits of foods is something I love to share with others so they too can experience this feeling!

Due to my busy lifestyle, finding a balance between exercise, work, socialising and experimenting with different foods in my own kitchen is something that I manage well so I live a very happy and relaxed life.

My daily practices:

Taking a mineral supplement is part of my daily routine which helps me prepare for the day ahead!


Gratitude is something I practice everyday. I believe how you start your day helps prepare you for all the good or ‘bad’ things that are coming your way. Depending on how much time I have I meditate for 5 minutes some mornings and 1 hour on other mornings. One thing that I do is, I list three things I am grateful for everyday (sometimes this can be something silly like knowing my silver jumpsuit is dry so I can wear it that day)! Although meditation is not for everyone, there are loads of guided videos online so you might find one that suits you!

On days when I wake up slightly earlier I practice yoga. Although it is very different practicing by yourself in your room compared to being in a yoga studio with a group of like-minded people, you can still practice it to aid relaxation and to learn how you can create balance in our life by connecting your mind and body.


Although after a long days work, a long run is not always on my mind, on a Saturday or Sunday morning I like to go for a run through a nice walking path whilst blasting some Drake. This is something I like to do once a week if and when I can because I love being in nature and it’s almost like a moving meditation for me.

Tip: Everyone’s body is different; find what type of movement makes you happy and move your body everyday.


This is the part that interests most people about me as I LOVE everything I put in my body. Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day. I never miss breakfast; I always have energy balls in the fridge and freezer in case, for whatever reason, I don’t have time to make breakfast. Breakfast puts me in a good mood as 90% of the time I play some music whilst enjoying my scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes on rye bread or a yummy bowl of porridge (In summer I’m a sucker for pretty smoothie bowls).

Lunch is always something I look forward to at work because it’s the time of the day where I am usually really hungry and ready for my nutritious leftovers from dinner (why cook twice when that means washing up twice). My lunch seems to be different everyday because I love variety however garlic and onions are incorporated in there a lot!! These are perfect for flavouring and also have massive health benefits. An example of my lunch would be a kale, butternut squash and beetroot salad topped with a tuna steak with a grapefruit for after.

Depending on my work load-sometimes we like to go to Starbucks at 3. Due to my sensitivity to caffeine – coffee is not my number one choice at 3pm unless I have a busy evening planned. I like to treat myself to a hot chocolate or a chai tea depending on my mood. An energy ball or a few squares of dark chocolate are always demolished if they are lurking at this time as well! (Green and blacks 85% is my favourite)

Tip: Energy balls and dark chocolate are my best snacks to curb any hunger pangs and to satisfy me when energy is running low.

Dinner!! By the time I get home from work I am usually pretty hungry so I usually start cooking! I love cooking – it’s like a meditation for me, I find it so therapeutic but if I’m cooking something nice I have to stop myself eating the ingredients! A well-balanced and filling dinner is important to me as I rarely eat after dinner. My plate is usually 70% vegetables, this might sound crazy but I love eating a wide range of vegetables with each meal.Finding new combinations that taste good, excites me. I like to include a source of protein, a small amount of starchy veg and a small portion of healthy fats to each meal!

One of my staples is sweet potato. This makes its way into a lot of my meals, even breakfast sometimes! As I previously mentioned, I usually cook 2 portions so I have leftovers for lunch. An example of a standard dinner for me would be chickpea and sweet potato curry with cauliflower rice. Experimenting with herbs and spices is also fun as you can make some amazing concoctions and the health benefits of them are phenomenal.

Tip: Make sure you include a variety of proteins into your diet, plant-based, fish and grass-fed meat as they all contain different nutrients.

Once I have finished cleaning my dishes and eating my dinner I like to spend the rest of my evenings relaxing before preparing for bed as I get up early on a daily basis. This differs depending on what mood I’m in, if I’m meeting up with friends or if I need some pampering time. Although I rarely consume a meal after my dinner, sometimes I enjoy a hot turmeric latté before bed made with almond & coconut milk.


Although I am not very good with making plans, sleeping for at least 7 hours every night is an important part of my life! I love sleep, a good nights sleep is my number one tip for living a healthy life. Sleeping for 7-9 hours each night makes you energised for the day ahead and is linked with improved mood, good skin and a healthy weight. This is due to the processes in the body and the hormones, which are released when we sleep at night.

Tip: An evening meal containing starchy vegetables aids a good nights sleep.

Turmeric Latté Recipe

½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp turmeric
Dash of nutmeg
Pinch of cracked black pepper
250ml almond & coconut milk (or nut milk of choice)

Add all ingredients to a small saucepan stir and simmer for a few minutes until hot.