A Day in the Life of Fitness Influencer Maeve Madden

The most important thing about my day is how it all begins.

Suffering from conditions such as PCOS / IBS my day often comes with a few challenges. Tiredness, bloating, stomach cramps, feeling lethargic, fatigue and mood swings just to name a few.

Over the past two years I have been taking Cellnutrition daily. I begin each morning taking 1 vial of Cellnutrition Hypertonic fluid. I snap & go.

As instructed I wait at least 10 mins before drinking or eating anything, so to pass that time quickly I take a quick shower and prepare for my day.

I pop 1-2 capsules in my bag as I never quite know where the day may take me. We all have our own kind of busy, whether your running a company, living city life, being a parent, caring for others life can get the run of us sometimes.

I usually take another Hypertonic capsule before I have my lunch.I find that since taking the capsules my digestion has greatly improved. I follow a very balanced lifestyle and I have shared all in my book Beat Your Bloat. I often get asked what supplements do you take for this & in my book I describe how Cellnutrition is packed with 72 essential vitamins minerals our bodies need to stay balanced. I believe this is a key reason as to why my gut functions has improved.

Being a personal trainer I am super active, I run around all day , I am prone to grabbing a coffee or matcha and these can leave us feeling a little more dehydrated in the afternoons or come evening. Of course I drink plenty of water but often our bodies do not absorb everything we need. Cell nutrition benefits the body by helping us stay hydrated it is packed with electrolytes so sufficiently improves hydration especially during a workout.

My days vary, not all days are super healthy and clean, I enjoy and live my life to the fullest & with this fab weather we are having, I have been enjoying more meals out and going on holidays. The only thing that doesn’t change is taking my Cellnutrition.

We can’t control everything in our life but we can control what we put in our bodies.