The Beauty Boom: The Secret You Never Knew


The beauty secret that you never knew. So Quinton may not be the first thing you would think about when it comes to thinking about buying some new beauty products but if it isn’t there’s a lot you don’t know about its benefits.

Quinton is a natural  mineral supplement that works at a cellular level like no other product, containing 78 minerals and trace elements that your body needs to maintain optimum health. It works as an all round product that helps to re-balance and replenish your cells so they able to function optimally.  Feeling good on the inside helps to reflect greatness on the outside. If your body is feeling strong, healthy and energised then this inner happiness is reflected in your aura, your moods and through your skin.

Quinton works from the inside to make sure your inner beauty shines through. The minerals and trace elements that are contained in Quinton are needed alongside water to maintain hydration in the skin. This helps to maintain the health of the skin cells, making it glow from the inside out. The Skin Nerd describes Quinton Isotonic as the skin cell saviour.

Gut Health

Looking after your health starts with the inside. One of the trending topics at the moment is bloating and gut health. I’m sure bloating is something that everyone will have experienced at some point in your life and if you have you will know that it makes you feel uncomfortable, sluggish and lower your mood.

There are various types of causes of bloating one of which can be caused by stress.  When we are feeling stressed we are more likely to opt for less healthier foods. Alongside this, stress can disrupt the absorption of nutrients in the gut impacting on the health of our gut microbiome and therefore our digestive health which causes symptoms of bloating and stomach pain.

Quinton replaces the minerals and trace elements that you lose through stress and help to re balance the gut. It is beneficial to help replace any lost minerals and trace elements that the gut may be lacking as a result of poor food choices or impaired absorption.

It is suggested that bacterial imbalances in the gut can alter brain chemistry. The gut is often referred to as our second brain, this implies why lack of minerals and trace elements may be linked to symptoms of low mood and anxiety.  By enhancing the health of our gut microbiome, which homes up to 95% of the feel good hormone (serotonin) we are less likely to struggle with low mood.

Get your confidence back

By feeling good on the inside and improving our gut health we may find we are able to sleep better therefore helping to increase your mood, reducing fatigue and helping you be feel motivated for the day ahead. By making everyday activities easier, we feel satisfied, feeling a sense of achievement and confidence.

By taking care of the inside helps to give you the confidence to feel and look great. Looking after your health is essential for providing the best environment for yourself to thrive. Feeling good on the outside starts from the inside.

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