Back To School – Lunch Box Ideas

Getting back into routine and choosing the right meals for your kids isn’t always easy when you have so much going on.

To prevent your child getting bored of having the same lunch, here are some healthy snacks and lunch ideas to mix it up and keep your child healthy.

It is beneficial to pack one snack and a healthy main lunch for kids to aid their brain function, to help with concentration and to not send their blood sugars sky high!

A piece of fruit or vegetable sticks is a good snack option as it can help your child reach their 5-a-day!

Incorporating at least one-two vegetables into a main lunch meal is important to provide vital nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and also they provide a great source of fibre, keeping your child filled for longer.

Lunch Box Ideas

Healthy Kids Snacks:

  • 1 piece of fruit
  • Vegetable sticks e.g carrot, cucumber, peppers (*with hummus)
  • Mixed fruit in a small lunch box e.g watermelon, berries (*with mixed seeds)
  • Portion of pumpkin seeds and raisins (*with a small yoghurt)
  • 1-2 oatcakes with cheese (*with sliced apple or grapes)
  • Homemade oat bars- there are loads of great easy recipes for these online
  • 1-2 Rice cakes with sliced avocado
  • Mango chunks
  • Pineapple or melon fingers (cut a pineapple or melon into thin fingers)


Healthy Kids Lunches:

  • Wholemeal pitta with chicken and cucumber slices
  • Wholemeal pitta with cheese and grapes
  • Wrap with chicken and peppers or leftover fajitas
  • Mini Bagel with hummus and grated carrot
  • Egg or Tuna mayonnaise on wholemeal bread with a side of cherry tomatoes
  • Small rice salad e.g rice with chickpeas & sweet potato chunks
  • Small pasta salad e.g pasta with chicken & peas
  • Quinoa Salad e.g quinoa with edaname beans and spinach
  • Frittata with courgette and cheese and a side of sweet potato fries
  • Quinoa Salad e.g quinoa with roasted butternut squash & peas
  • A small homemade burger or veggie patty (e.g bean or chickpea) with a side of sweet potato fries