Ill Health and Recovery

Your body has the potential to beat illness and to heal injuries – but it happens most effectively when your cells are working at 100%. Cellnutrition Quinton helps you achieve this by replacing and replenishing the minerals and trace elements you lose through every day life.

Restoring the internal environment helps your cells achieve optimum health and supports your immune system. Quinton gives your body the power to heal and protect itself, allowing you to enjoy a life full of health and vitality. After all, healthy cells = a healthy body.

Most people become ill as a result of becoming tired and stressed. This tends to happen more as we get older and our cells are less efficient. Your immune system becomes run down and you become more prone to illness and disease. This can be caused by a mineral shortage in your body.

Any physical, mental or emotional stress causes your body to use up minerals and trace elements faster than normal. When your metabolism increases and your immune system becomes suppressed it can lead to a downward spiral in your health.
Cellnutrition Quinton helps get your physical and mental health back on track by nourishing your cells with the 78 essential minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions they require. This gives the cells the power to restore their function so your body can heal and better protect itself. Unlike many other supplements, Cellnutrition Quinton is 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% bioavailable.

In summary, studies have shown that the minerals found in Cellnutrition Quinton can speed up recovery from injury and illness, support immune system function, balance hormones, improve mental focus, and increase energy and stamina so that your body can resist infections and diseases.

Cellnutrition Quinton gives your cells the tools they need to fight ill health. When cells are able to maintain their correct function then the tissues, organs and body sytems all work properly together.

The minerals and trace elements Cellnutrition Quinton contains have been found to help support the body as it heals and recovers from diseases related to digestion, respiratory problems, dermatology, neurology, the urino-genital system, the liver, eyes, nose, musculoskeletal system, hormones, metabolism, immune system and many more.

Take Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic to speed up your metabolic rate which supports your immune system, or as a nutritional support when recovering from serious illness. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage of six vials per day.

After you have recovered from illness, take Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic to maintain healthy optimum mineral levels in your body and support your immune system.

A: “This is an amazing product. I highly recommend it. It is excellent at improving the health of your cells to maintain your body after illness or injury, when participating in sports generally, and most especially to reduce the common effects of aging!!”

Judith: “I recently had an operation for a prolapsed bladder and uterus. My doctors were astonished at my rapid recovery. I credit the use of the Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic with that as it feeds my body at a cellular level, allowing it to heal itself. My GP also said my blood looks the best she’s seen it in 4 years, since I became her patient.”

CS: “I started to take Quinton about 4 months ago. In the beginning, I could not feel any difference in my body. Today, I have more energy during the day, better bowel movements and less water retention. Overall I feel a lot better than four months ago. I’ve learned that every cell in my body the requires the right quantity of minerals and trace elements to be strong and healthy. No other product provides me with that. It is amazing what the different combination of intake of the Quinton can do for my health.”

Jan Nicol: “I have suffered from MS since 2008, but wasn’t properly diagnosed until 2014 after another relapse. I suffered heavily from fatigue, numbness, weakness in the left leg and forgetfulness. I was introduced to Quinton Isotonic in January 2017, which I was told would help my body right down to my cells, and since then I have felt better in the last few months than I have in the last 9 year. I no longer feel fatigued, the feeling has returned in my leg and I can feel myself getting stronger every day as I can now manage to do an exercise class once a week which I previously couldn’t. I wish I’d discovered Quinton earlier as it has changed my life”

“If your iron levels are very low, such as would normally require a blood transfusion, taking Quinton may help you avoid a transfusion and all its attendant risks.”
Dr Patrick Kingsley, author of The New Medicine

Lloyds Pharmacy Customer, Tallaght: “I have IBS and I think Isotonic really helps, it helps with my digestion and absorption of food.”

HI: I have had a skin condition for several years and someone suggested I try Quinton, as it will nourish my skin by nourishing it at a cellular level. After two boxes, my skin issue is much improved. I have to remember to swish it in my mouth for 2 minutes.”

Monique H: “My back problem/sciatica is due to a disk’s deterioration. I was struggling for a few weeks/months. Then a doctor in France mentioned Quinton. I took the Isotonic, 2 ampoules in the morning and 2 ampoules in the evening at bed time. After one week and a half I stopped as It was not making my problem better. But I thought my sleep was better. So, I started the Hypertonic, 2 ampoules as I woke up and 2 more at lunchtime. Then, after 4 days of taking them, I felt a difference in my Sciatica pain. Due to the inflammation of the disks, they had seriously diminished and I would say by about 75%. So I carried on 4 a day then 2 a day until I finished the box. My sciatica doesn’t bother me very much! What a result. I didn’t know there was a product out there that could help my body repair itself!”

EL: “Since November both my hands had become swollen and painful. I could not use them. I lost feeling in my left hand. Doctors were not sure about why it was happening or what to do couldn’t seem to find a route cause to my problem. Then the health care practitioner I was working with, who I called in a hysterical panic, suggested I use the Isotonic Quinton which would help my cells repair my body. Within 11⁄2 days there was a remarkable difference – the swelling had gone down. Within 2 days it has completely disappeared. Now it has been 1 month and I have not had one flare-up and before that I was having them 1-2 weeks for the last 6 months. ”

Cheryl Lee: “My son has mild eczema since he was 3 months old. He is now 9 years old. When he drinks a glass vial of Isotonic plasma a day, the eczema lessens, after taking it for about a year, the eczema disappeared so we stopped taking Quinton for a few months. After a few weeks passed, eczema surfaced on the joints of his arms and legs again. I then decided to reorder the Quinton Isotonic plasma glass vials. After consuming it for the 2nd day, his eczema was subdued again. He has not stopped consumption since then and his eczema has not returned. It seems to help his body fight the condition. Naturally, he doesn’t get regular episode of running nose too.”

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