Early Years

For more than 100 years, children of all ages have taken Quinton as part of their daily nutrition.
Your child has different requirements according to his/her age, stage of development and gender. Their cells all require all the different minerals and trace elements even if they are responsible for different functions in the body.

Cellnutrition Quinton contains all the minerals and trace elements your child’s cells require no matter how old they are. Every vial supplies all 78 minerals and trace elements in the perfect proportions to nourish their cells and support the overall health of their body.

This means you can be sure that your child has whatever minerals or trace elements they need when they need them.

As children enter their teens, their bodies develop at an astonishing rate. Growth spurts at puberty place an incredible strain on their bodies – with the peak years of growth tending to be between 11 and 15 years for girls and 13 and 16 years for boys.

During this period all nutrient demands are greater. Taking Cellnutrition Quinton as part of a healthy and balanced diet will ensure their cells have all the minerals they need to absorb maximum benefit from their food to grow and for energy.

Babies and children of all ages should take one vial of Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic per day to support their healthy development.

Particularly active teenagers or under-pressure students studying for exams can benefit from taking one vial of Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic to replenish their mineral levels and support their higher activity levels. They should continue with daily consumption of Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic at night to aid relaxation.